Setting up with Docker Desktop across Windows and WSL2

Screenshot of “Enabling Kubernetes” on Windows 10
Screenshot of “Enabling Kubernetes” on Windows 10

In my work, I’ve sometimes had to create and test container-based applications on both Windows 10 and Linux, both on my local machine and on a remote development cluster. Instead of installing everything twice, it would be nice to access the Kubernetes environment from the Windows environment as well as from the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2). As usual, I make things more difficult by using a limited user account on Windows, which I think is a best practice but causes no end of headaches when developing.

So what this article…

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

I’m a software architect, which means I don’t get nearly as many chances to write code as I want. And, just about every time I do, I end up fooling around getting my development environment back up to snuff, which takes almost as much time as cranking out the code itself.

My team is doing a lot of Golang development, and I’m quite happy with the language as it takes me back to my C/C++ roots (X/Motif!).

But, we’re issued Windows laptops, and coding directly under Windows (while MILES better than it used to…

Nate Carpenter

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